Comic for September 21st, 2009 ABOUT US

September 21st 2009

Sorry, what with work and a weird sort of nocturnal turn, it's been hard to get things done. Never fear, colour is in the works. Just wanted to prove that there's an update.
There's another one actually drawn too, for the next update. Holy shit buffer, I almost remember what that is.
Throw any thanks at Dawg, it's all his fault!

Shenanigan will update every two weeks from now until I get hit by a bus walking to work.
Or skinned alive by an enraged boxer monkey. Either or.

<3 Pimp

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02/06/06: Update! Not a lot of writing in this one, so not much to say, other than "yippie! an update!"


01/28/07: Yes, the monologue is supposed to be very overly dramatic.


01/27/07: Well we've finally launched! Here is the cover to the first issue of Shenanigan, or rather #402 of Dark Avenger where Shenanigan first appears.


12/31/06: This picture depicts five of the comic's major characters, with Shenanigan at center his mother and father to the right, his antagonist the Dark Avenger and as always THE PUFFIN!

Shenanigan is a LegoPimp Production. Rights to all characters are copyrighted by LegoPimp, any attempt to usurp said characters without permission will be punished by having rabid weasels shoved into the offender's pants. If they do not wear pants, pants will be provided.
Shenanigan is hosted on laurelVISION, which is Pimp's and has all sorts of weird crap on it.